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Chat GPT Friend or Foe

What is Chat GPT? How can it be used to elevate assessments? Watch this presentation and see!

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CTLE Coffee Corner: Top 5 Reasons Not to Fear the Robot Invasion

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CTLE Coffee Corner - Citing Images

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Evaluating Online Sources: The SIFT Method

The SIFT Method, created by Mike Caulfield, is a way to determine if resources are credible. There is so much information available to us at our fingertips, especially with social media and…

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IDE - Software

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HCC Library Webinar - APA Style

This is a recording of an HCC Library webinar, designed to assist students in applying the APA citation and manuscript format to their research assignments.

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Database Searching - Donna Gordon's ENGL 1301 Classes (Social Issues)

This is a customized library instruction webinar for Instructor Donna Gordon's ENGL 1301 sections. Topics covered include database searching and a focus upon MLA format.

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Upload Google Files from Chromebooks

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Knightcite - Book

Demonstration on using Knightcite and citing a book

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