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CTLE Coffee Corner - Improving Accessibility with ChatGPT

Coffee Corner mini session on improving accessibility with ChatGPT.

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CTLE Coffee Corner: Top 5 Reasons Not to Fear the Robot Invasion

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ESL Lesson 3 - Community Learning

ESL Lesson 3 - Community Learning

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Effective Communications-20220408 1504-1

Effective Delivery by Dr. Danielle Stagg Nonverbal Communication by Professor Tracy Leigh Vocal Variety by Professor James Duvall Business Pitch Presentation by David Regenbaum A…

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ESL lesson 2

With Carmen Washinton, Learn English as Second Language. Lesson 2 - Contact information, addresses and numbers

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IDEAS@HCC - PITCH PRESENTATION SEMINAR April 23nd: 9am to 10:30pm (1 hour, 30 minutes event) – WebEx Event 00:00 Pitch Presentation Seminar Welcome Session 1: 05:40 Dr. Nicolas…

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Chapter 6: Probability - Basic Probability Formula (Part 2)

I explain how to calculate basic probability.

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Storytelling lecture by Dr. Roger Wood

Dr. Wood was a special guest lecturer to our Digital Video class. Roger talked about the importance of stories as being an essential to the way the human brain functions. As a way to organize our…

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Art Appreciation, Potter, Chapter 2, The Language of Art

Art Appreciation, Arts 1301, Potter Chapter 2, The Language of Art

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Biography Reference Center

How to use the Biography Reference Center database

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How to use the education database ERIC

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6- How to order Captions

This video will show how-to order captions from CAnvas/Eagle Online.

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Choice in a World of Scarcity - Sunk Costs

Choice in a World of Scarcity - Sunk Costs

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Language of Lieder Fall 2017 (Audio Only)

An evening of German art song performed by guest artists and faculty member Sarah Bouse at the piano. Join us for an evening of German art song, featuring the music of Strauss, Brahms, Schubert,…

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Euthyphro-9-28-17 at 8.56 AM

A brief introductory lecture to Plato's Euthyphro. This was prepared for an online Introduction to Ethics (PHIL 2306) class, Module 1: Metaethics.

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Wealth and Poverty: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of September 19, 2017

Wealth and Poverty

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