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Basic Library Searching - RKWD - 09-11-2021

This is a short (less than 20 minute) video on how to perform Boolean searches in Eagle Library Search and navigate topical databases like Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints to find popular,…

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CDEC 1319 Finding Journal Articles in HCC Library Databases

This informative 60 minute video is designed to help students search the HCC libraries' licensed databases of magazine, newspaper, and journal articles (and much more!) for academic research…

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Finding Multimedia Sources through HCC Libraries: Dr. Ward's BIOL 1308

In this video, students will be able to see various multimedia sources available through HCC libraries.

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Finding HCC Library Sources for "The Picture of Dorian Gray" Annotated Bibliography

HCC Digital Resources Librarian Jenn Stidham demonstrates how to find ebooks and academic journal articles on Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray."

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Finding Short Stories

How to find Short Stories using Short Story Index

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Nexis Uni - Legal Research

How to do legal research in Nexis Uni

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Nexis Uni Business Searching

How to search Nexis Uni for Company information

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Nexis Uni - Searching for news

How to search the Nexus Uni database for news articles

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Oxford Music Online

How to use the Oxford Music Online database

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Oxford Art Online

How to use Oxford Art Online from the HCC Library Databases Page

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Biography Reference Center

How to use the Biography Reference Center database

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Business Source Complete - Finding Business Info

New and established businesses need information on their competition. Learn how to use the HCC database, Business Source Complete, to find that information.

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How to use the education database ERIC

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Literary Reference Center

How to use the Literary Reference Center Database

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Proquest Research Library

How to use the Proquest Research Library Database

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ProQuest eBook Central - Accessing eBooks

This video screencast leads users through the process of checking out and downloading ebooks from the ProQuest eBook Central database.

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