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Faculty Exhibition: Rolando Reyna, "Paintings & Drawings"

HCC regularly presents gallery shows of work by its art faculty. Professor Rolondo Reyna's exhibition at Stafford has a decidedly edible slant. Produced by Randall Williams and broadcast…

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CTLE Coffee Corner: S.H.O.R.T. Acronyms & Learning Retention

Click here to view the infographic.

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Coffee Corner: How Can we Use Investigative Reporting to Fact Check ChatGPT

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L3 Grammar: That-clauses

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FDOL F20 - Wet Felting Rinsing

In this 4-minute clip, we rinse and full our textile. We also rinse it in a bath of vinegar water to neutralize the soap PH.

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Monetary Policy and Bank Regulation - Velocity Calculated Using M1

Monetary Policy and Bank Regulation - Velocity Calculated Using M1

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Andrew Briggs: Voice and Singing

Dr. Andrew Briggs: Voice and Vocal Music Lecture, Voice technique

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1314 1.7.6

Solve 4x >= 2x + 1000

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Prealgebra 3.6.6

Catering Application

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Perspective Lesson #1 with Stanley Kaminski at Houston Community College

Thank you Ruben Duran, for your direction and assistance in the learning glass studio.

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Drs. Jane Cirillo and Cammy Shay discuss the benefits of learner-centered instructional design and delivery. Videotaping and editing created by Don White, Videographer.

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