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CAD F20 - Woven Patterns Applied

In this video, we learn how to select objects that have the same fill, how to apply and manipulate fills, and how to superimpose texture onto prints!

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3D objects and video in Edutube

3D Anatomical Model of an Eye. HCC faculty and students can now insert 3d objects to interact with media in Edutube. The 3D Creator Module allows users to quickly upload, edit, and create 3D content…

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Sketchfab Fashion Promo Collection 2020

How to find the 2020 Fashion Promotion Collection of 3D scanned objects on Sketcfab. or simply click the link—

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CAD F20 - Tech Pack Page 6

In this 17-minute video, we cover the Bellow Pocket, the Rib Cuff and the Back Vent, using a combination of enlarged Groups and Clipping Masks.

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CAD F20 - Tech Pack Page 5

In this 12-minute video, we create close-up and annotations for our Chin Guard, Eyelets, and Hand Warmers. We learn to create Clipping Masks when highlighting part of our garment.

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CAD F20 - Tech Pack Top Titles

In this 8-minute video, we cover how to create the top titles for our document.

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CAD F20 - Thick Outline

In this 7-minute video, we go over creating a thick outline using the Shape Builder tool. We also learn how to align using a Key Object.

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CAD F20 - TF Pro Reflect

In this 8-minute video, we reflect a copy of our garment half to create a full, symmetrical garment.

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How to 3D print: Basics

What you need to 3D Print and where to find it. Part of the Spring Branch Campus Library Canvas course on 3D Printing.

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ACS F20 - Y Print Symbols

In this 10-minute video, we go over Symbols, how and why to use them, and how to create them.

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HCC Science Labs COVID-19 Safety Protocol

The Earth, Life, and Natural Sciences’ Division have put together safety guidelines that all students, staff, and faculty are expected to follow in order to keep everyone safe when we return to…

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ACS S20 - PS Trend B Quick Mask

In this 15-minute video, we go over how to select and mask an specific area of a picture.

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ACS S20 - AI RP Plaid

In this 11-minute video, we learn how to create a square tile using the Rectangle tool. We then Rotate a copy of our grouped graphic, apply a bit of transparency to it, and convert it to a repeat…

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