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Alex Young: Reflections

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Dr. Williams - HCCTV Up To The Minute_ March 25, 2024

In this clip, Music Business Faculty Professor and Program Coordinator, Dr. Christopher Williams, chats with HCCTV about New Faculty who are experts in the industry, all that the program has to…

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Demystifying Ally, Making the Inaccessible. Accessible

What is accessibility and how does it impact learners? How can instructors make their courses accessible to all learners? This ten-minute presentation describes the ins and outs of Ally for Canvas.

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CCC Coffee Corner - Extra Credit

Identify extra credit methods that save time, avoid grade inflation and are equitable. edited in My Movie

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Monopoly and Price Discrimination

Monopoly and Price Discrimination

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Healthy Lifestyle - Part 1

Healthy Lifestyle - Shandri Stovall Objectives: Obtain basic knowledge of nutrition in order to build healthy habits that will lower your risk of being a victim of health-related diseases. Part 1 -…

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IDEAS@HCC - PITCH PRESENTATION SEMINAR April 23nd: 9am to 10:30pm (1 hour, 30 minutes event) – WebEx Event 00:00 Pitch Presentation Seminar Welcome Session 1: 05:40 Dr. Nicolas…

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Teamwork_ Practical Tips for Creating, Managing, and Assessing Student Groups by Courtney Smith


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Chapter 6: Probability - Random Sampling and Sampling With Replacement (Part 3)

I talk about random sampling and sampling with replacement.

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Chapter 6: Probability - Basic Probability Formula (Part 2)

I explain how to calculate basic probability.

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Chapter 6: Probability - Introduction (Part 1)

I introduce the concept behind probability and why we use it in human sciences to help answer research questions.

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Chapter 5: Z-Scores

In this video, I discuss Chapter 5, z-scores.

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Fall 2021 - Reading Culture Intro to China and "Under Red Skies"

Professors Bryant Evans and Melissa Miller-Waters introduce the country of China and the book Under Red Skies by Karoline Kan. (Please ignore the video issues at the very beginning of the video. The…

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Chapter 1 and 2 Overview

In this video, I do an overview of Chapter 1 and 2. I will cover graphs in Chapter 3 and 4 Overview. Thank you for your patience as you watch this video; my mind has been on other things lately as a…

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Professor Flower Darby Presentation - Instructional Day

Professor Flower Darby Presentation - Instructional Day. FLOWER DARBY is a Senior Instructional Designer and adjunct faculty member at Northern Arizona University, where she's taught for 23…

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Evaluating Online Sources: The SIFT Method

The SIFT Method, created by Mike Caulfield, is a way to determine if resources are credible. There is so much information available to us at our fingertips, especially with social media and…

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