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OvationVR Interview Practice

OvationVR is a dynamic tool for enhancing public speaking and interview skills. It immerses users in a virtual environment to practice in front of a simulated audience, offering real-time feedback…

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2021 Virtual Faculty Senate Micro-Conference--March 1

Speaker: DR. CHERRY ROSS GOODEN Topic: Equity is MORE than a NICE Word This session will focus on "equity-mindedness" and how this perspective is demonstrated in concrete ways by college…

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HCC Library Webinar - APA Style

This is a recording of an HCC Library webinar, designed to assist students in applying the APA citation and manuscript format to their research assignments.

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PTHA 2435 Facilitation and Tone

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1314 2.6.1

Stretching and Shrinking f(x) = |x|

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When is the quotient (x + 4) / (x^2 - 3x - 10) undefined?

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MEGGS chapter 5 lecture

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MEGGS Chapter 3 Lecture

Meggs Hiostory of Graphic Design 6th edition lecture of Chapter 3: THE ASIAN CONTRIBUTION

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Cutting-Edge Art

Virtual Art sessions: the potential to revolutionize Visual Design. The landscape of cutting-edge art, usually limited to traditional multimedia, audio and visual hacks, is undergoing a major shift…

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Bicameral Congress: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of October 25, 2016

Bicameral Congress

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Accessing Artstor Database from Home

Shows how to access the ArtStor database from home using the library barcode.

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HCC Digital Storytelling @ MECA

HCC is partnering again with the Center for Digital Storytelling out of Berkley, California, to conduct two training sessions at HCC: Northwest Alief Campus on March 30th, 31st, and April 1st, from…

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