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HVAC Immersive Course introduce Multilingual AI

Meet Maria, your multilingual AI assistant in the HVAC HART 1301 immersive course by Prof. Fedel White. With Maria's exceptional abilities, this course transforms into a dynamic bilingual…

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VAST Metaverse Summer Camp 23

As the sun rose over the horizon, casting a warm golden glow on the world, I eagerly stepped into the realm of the VAST Metaverse Summer 23 Camp. It was a week-long adventure like no other, promising…

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Reveal 2023

HCC Interior Design Reveal 2023 Portfolio Show at the Houston Decorative Center was a big success. Attendees use VR headsets to experience students' intricate designs of their immersive…

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Faculty Conference Promo 2023

Faculty Conference Promo 2023

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Job Interview Space for VAST

Students in VAST academy experience the Office space created for them to practice job interviewing techniques.

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Fashion Visual Merchandising Metaverse Space

Prof. Cheryl Whitaker's class visited the Reality Collab to immersive themselves in the newly created Fashion Visual Merchandising space. The intro session was conducted by XR Lab tech Harris…

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Student Success: Ryan Galbraith

There are countless success stories of HCC students who have achieved great things, so it's difficult to choose just one. However, here is one inspiring story:Ryan Galbraith is an HCC alumnus…

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Think 3D Design 3D Print 3D

We are thrilled that students in prof. Bennie Ansell’s class continue to push the boundaries of media arts and are now thinking, designing, and printing in 3D using Gravity Sketch and…

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ESOL Immersive Lab

Professor Melissa Villamil's class in the Reality Collab working on the immersive lab assignment using her own Immersive Lab. The HCC Mars Lab was created by Prof. Villamil in collaboration with…

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Thanks to Terence Loo from for a magnificent presentation about the possibilities of Mixed Reality and how easy is to create Hololens content in MR. Stay Tuned for how HCC implements it.

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Art+Design Creative Collective | Euphoric Bloom | Spring 2022

Description: The Art+Design Creative Collective brings multiple programs together to showcase Fashion Design student work in a live-streamed fashion show | Euphoric Bloom. Art+Design programs include…

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Advance Video CLass

Students in Advance Video class come to XR Lab @ Central to view their 360 video creations. The assignment involves creating a 360 video using 360 cameras and green screens of Houston parks and…

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XR is the new reality

Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are all on the brink of becoming mainstream technologies that will transform our how we live and work. AI and 5G will converge to enable cheaper,…

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Luis Sosa: The Forest

Artist Luis Adrian Sosa's Moon Station emphasizes the possibilities of VR art using native VR arts like Oculus Quill. Mr. Sosa is a Graphic Designer and artist from Cuba who graduated from…

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Week 2: Creating the 2d Ortho View

AN early part of the process is creating the 2d Ortho View as the foundation for the 3d building in the digital twins. The Central Campus Digital Twins project will create a precise virtual…

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A Digital Twin of Central in 3D

For the commemoration of HCC's 50 Anniversary, in partnership with SKANSKA Inc., students in the Architectural Engineering COE will learn to use lidar and photogrammetry technology on the…

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