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2021 Virtual Faculty Senate Micro-Conference--March 1

Speaker: DR. CHERRY ROSS GOODEN Topic: Equity is MORE than a NICE Word This session will focus on "equity-mindedness" and how this perspective is demonstrated in concrete ways by college…

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1-PASTrack and Accessories

Shows how to assemble and dis-assemble the Track, and attach different assessories to it.

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CAD F20 - Variable Grade Act 3

In this 3-minute video, we create our Grading Table, inserting 4 smaller sizes to build 4 sizes smaller than size 16.

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CAD F20 - Variable Grade Act 1

In this 12-minute video, we go over Activity 1. We learn how to align points and remove the seam allowance if working with a commercial pattern.

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APD F20 - Bodice Front Figures 1, 2

In this 25-minute video, we go through figures 1 and 2 from our instructions, using new tools like Draft and advanced guide functions.

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FDOL F20 - Wet Felting Rinsing

In this 4-minute clip, we rinse and full our textile. We also rinse it in a bath of vinegar water to neutralize the soap PH.

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FDOL F20 - Wet Felting Rolling

In this 10-minute video, we make a sushi roll out of our layers and roll, making sure to check and rotate our work regularly.

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FDOL F20 - Dry Felting Stand Alone

In this 11-minute video, we learn how to create 3D shapes using felting needle and roving on a foundation of yarn.

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Disperse Dye Supplies

In this 8-minute video, we go over the supplies we need to use disperse dye on 100% polyester fabric.

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FDOL F20 - Color Remover Dissolve

In this 6-minute clip, we go over dissolve and applying color remover.

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CAD F20 - Brush Zippers

In this 14-minute video, we cover zippers created using brushes. We cover advanced concepts that allow us to program the beginning and ends of our brush, and how to amend bad brushes.

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2020 How to Make a Kaltura Video Quiz

Once you have uploaded your video, captioned it, and corrected the captions, you can make a video quiz.

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FHOL S20 - Decade Profile Walk-Through

This 5-minute video introduces this short project in which you study your assigned decade and how historical events shaped fashion.

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FHOL Summer 2020 - Decade Profile Walk-Through

In this 15-minute video, we walk through our Decade Profile Assignment, the importance of academic honesty, and how to work on each of these written assignments.

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