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CAD F21 - Applying Highlights and Shadows

In this 21-minute video, we learn to load selections using our shapes, and brush in highlights and shadows via black and white areas.

From  Nicholas Champroux on 10/17/2021 0 likes 0  

CAD F21 - Applying and Warping Prints

In this 20-minute video, we are ready to apply and transform prints in the form of Smart Objects that have been clipped to our garment shapes.

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CAD F21 - Scan Set Up

In this 16-minute video, we merge our illustration top and bottom, and then adjust our levels for a crisp outline on a white background.

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ACS - How to lay out your Illustrator prints

In this 7-minute video, I show you how to draw simple shapes to showcase your print, how to apply your print to these shapes, and how to scale your print within the shape without rescaling the shapes…

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CAD F20 - Woven Patterns Applied

In this video, we learn how to select objects that have the same fill, how to apply and manipulate fills, and how to superimpose texture onto prints!

From  Nicholas Champroux on 09/6/2021 0 likes 0  

CAD F20 - Symbols Scale

In this 24-minute lecture, we take an in-depth look at scaling in Illustrator, and how to make symbols that are legible yet proportional to our 1/8-scale technical flats. This re-introduces basic…

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Line Sheet Layout - Page 3

In this 28-minute video, we put together our garment line-up for overcoats, making sure to group our garments and to scale them consistently across the board.

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Calculating the Real Interest Rate

Calculating the Real Interest Rate

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