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Begin Research: Finding and Accessing LibGuides

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Welcome Video Part 1

This video provides a guide that will show you how to best navigate this course.

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4 - Editing CV

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CTLE Coffee Corner - Be a Whiz with Canvas New Quizzes

Coffee Corner mini session on Canvas New Quizzes.

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CTLE Coffee Corner Embedding Videos

How to embed videos in Canvas.

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Sharing Video and Audio in Kaltura Using Chrome Tab Share

Sharing Video and Audio in Kaltura Using Chrome Tab Share

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TryIt M3.2 Updated

Import the Start Here Template to your Development Shell.

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CAD F20 - Tech Pack Page 2a

In this 22-minute video, we go deep into creating a view under the snap placket. This reveals a zipper, zipper pulls, and lining snaps.

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CAD F20 - Shading

In this 10-minute video, we apply shading to symbols and building blocks where objects overlap.

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ACS F20 - AI YD TF Outline Bonus

In this 6-minute video, we learn how to select our building blocks, copy-paste-in-front, Shift-tap, and Unite a copy of our flat to generate a thick outline around our garment.

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Global Road Warrior_2020

Brief video showing students and faculty how to access this database using their W#, password and library barcode number (starting with "27522...").

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Try It 8.2

Creating a Canvas quiz, editing the syllabus quiz, and using student view to complete Try It 8.2

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Update the Meet Your Instructor page in the Start Here template

How do you get your students to recognize you as their instructor? Set up a Meet Your Instructor page so your students have the details needed to put some name recognition in use.

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Canvas Training - Importing Start Here template to Development Shell

Canvas training video for importing the Start Here template in the official training for quality online course development. This template is designed with specific instructions related to the TryIt…

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Using two window tabs in Canvas Training

Canvas Training video for using one window for development shell and another tab for the training.

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WebEx Session on April 4 - Faculty Video Lounge.mp4

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