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Foodture Overview

Back to the Foodture is a multi-disciplinary project at Houston Community College. It brings together pastry, history, English, and science students and professors. Pastry students choose and make a…

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CTLE Coffee Corner: Early Alert

What is Early Alert? How is it used? Watch this 10-minute presentation to find out! Early Alert - edited with My Movie

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How to Edit Multiple Assignments at One Time

How to Edit Multiple Assignments at One Time Guide

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ACS F20 SS - Syllabus Walk-Through

In this 23-minute video, we go over the syllabus for the class, answering the study sheet along the way.

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Fashion History Summer 2020 - Syllabus Walk-Through

This 20-minute video walks us through the syllabus for the semester.

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Introductory video for Stauffer's English 1302 online class

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COVID 19 and Unemployment

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(2 of 12) Faculty Preparedness Series: Notification Preferences and Canvas Inbox

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Federalism Overview: Professor Tannahill's Lecture of September 26, 2017

Federalism Overview

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[(3x + 2) / (x + 1)] [2x/2x]

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This is the professor's introduction to the first week of the course ARTC 2311 History of Communication Graphics.

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Measuring Unemployment

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Multiple Intelligence Video

a short video on how to implement Gardner's multiple intelligences in elementary school

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OB EXAM 3 part 3

ob lecture exam 3 part 3

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Find, Checkout, and Renew Items at the HCC Libraries

This is a screencast demonstration, with audio and text captions, of the use of the HCC library online catalog to find, checkout, and renew books.

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Neonatal Reflexes

Shows some of the neonatal reflexes

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