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Week 2 Steven Potter's Art Appreciation

What to do in week 2

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Steven Potter Art Appreciation online anytime introduction

Quick look at your Canvas site

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Art Car Update Dec 2020 | The HCCTV Student Lounge

The HCCTV Student Lounge is a newscast produced by HCC students, for HCC students. Professor Ashley Hope shares an update to the Art Car Parade and HCC's entry.

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Remote Learning and Art | HCC Beat

Professor Melinda Lasczcynski chat's with HCCTV producer Randall Williams about the Impact of Virtualization in the Arts. Professor Lasczcynski, MFA is an HCC Gallery Coordinator and teaches Art…

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Modern Art part 5

Modern Art part 5

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Modern Art part 4

Modern Art

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Virtual Student Art Exhibition_Fall2020_HCC Beat

Virtual Student Exhibition | Fall 2020 | Instagram ON INSTAGRAM | HCC Virtual Arts Center | @hcc_visual_arts November 16—January 16, 2021 Registration is not required for this event. The six…

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Potter Art Appreciation, Chapter 7, Medieval Art, Painting

Painting, medieval art

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LineByLine Episode 5 Featuring Art Car and WHI Collaboration

(Recorded pre-COVID-19 Shutdown, February 2020)Ashley Hope, Art professor, and Israel Garza, West Houston Institute, talk with host Dr. Toni Rao-Southerlan about how WHI is moving forward combining…

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Art Appreciation Chapter 6, Potter

Drawing media, Etruscans and Roman Art

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Art Appreciation, Chapter 5

Elements and Principles of Design

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