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A Way Forward - The Econonics of Race in Houston - P. Tussing

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A Way Forward - Building an Inclusive Economy with A. Norman - FED Dallas

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CTLE Coffee Corner - Lockdown Browser Basics

Coffee Corner mini session on Respondus Lockdown Browser.

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Concourse - Verifying CV

Video for Instructional Leaders and Office Managers with the responsibility of verifying CV content.

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ACS - How to lay out your Illustrator prints

In this 7-minute video, I show you how to draw simple shapes to showcase your print, how to apply your print to these shapes, and how to scale your print within the shape without rescaling the shapes…

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Concourse Overview - Faculty Webinar

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Accumark Explorer

In this 20-minute video, we get introduced to Accumark Explorer Environment, how to customize the application, and how to import a zipped file directly into Explorer.

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HCC Library Webinar - Quick Tour

Join HCC Librarian Jenn Stidham for a Quick Tour of online library resources available from anywhere!

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APD - PS Weave Patterns

In this 30-minute video, we go over basic concepts that will come handy when we're ready to 'weave' our plaid. This includes CTRL+Select, Inverse Selection, and Edit Define Pattern.

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Inclusive Access: Multiple Flat Fee Bulk Tagging in PeopleSoft - March 29th 2021, 9:29:23 am

Multiple Flat Fee Bulk Tagging in PeopleSoft

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TCD - Light Report Demo

This 10-minute video walks us how to fill in a Light Report, taking advantage of an excellent light installation found in the Museum District!

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Copyright and Accessibility: Library Lifesaver Series

Description: Here's the scenario: you need media, a score, an eBook -- but you aren't sure how to get it and add it to your course. All you have to do is ask. Sometimes you know where to…

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From Ruth Dunn: A Textbook Is REQUIRED for All of My Classes - Tue Jan 19 2021 13:53:56 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

There is a textbook that is required for all of my Courses and all of my Classes at HCCS this semester. You must purchase the textbook! The first Folder in the EO-Canvas Modules Tab is the folder…

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From Ruth Dunn: Class Start Dates and Important Information - Mon Jan 18 2021 13:29:04 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

Before You Have Access to Our Class Start Dates/Academic Calendar/Modules in Eagle Online-Canvas (EO-Canvas) Hello, All! Classes don't actually begin until the start date for each individual…

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Finding Multimedia Sources through HCC Libraries: Dr. Ward's BIOL 1308

In this video, students will be able to see various multimedia sources available through HCC libraries.

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